The Hidden Costs of Poodle Ownership

Cost Breakdown for The First Year

poodle lying in bedAlthough Poodles really don’t care whether they live in a modest environment or a mansion, it’s important to carefully consider whether you are able to provide the appropriate level of care for your dog. This breakdown is just an estimate of the yearly cost of raising a new puppy. The specific amounts may vary based on the size variety you choose, as well as the area you live in and how much you’re willing to spend on your new dog. Your local pet store or favorite online retailer likely has a variety of supplies in a range of prices, so you’ll be able to choose according to your budget. The bigger the Poodle, the more food it will need to consume, so consider how much you can spend on your dog’s diet when choosing what to feed him. Routine veterinary care will likely be your highest cost, so be sure to set aside enough money for vaccines and spaying or neutering.

Mandatory Expenses

Cost Estimate

Food $150 – $900
Food and Water Dishes $10 – $50
Treats $50 – $150
Toys $20 – $200
Collars and Leashes $10 – $100
Crate $25 – $100
Dog Beds $25 – $100
Vaccines and Routine Veterinary Care $100 – $350
Heartworm Testing $10 – $35
Heartworm Prevention $25 – $125
Flea and Tick Prevention $40 – $200
Spaying or Neutering $150 – $600
Puppy Classes $200 – $500
Total $815 – $2730


In addition to routine veterinary care, supplies, and food, you need to set aside a certain amount of money in case of emergencies. Accidents cannot always be prevented, so you must be prepared for the potential costs involved. Emergency veterinary care can reach into the thousands, so you need to know how much you are willing and able to spend should something happen to your dog.

poodle being groomed by professionalGrooming and boarding can also be expensive, depending on your area and the size variety you have adopted. Larger dogs, such as Standard Poodles, are typically more expensive to groom and board than smaller dogs. This is an area where money can be saved, however, if your budget is tight. Learning to groom your Poodle yourself can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your dog’s life. You can also ask friends or family to take care of your dog while you travel, saving you the cost of leaving him at a boarding facility or kennel. If possible, you may also be able to bring your dog with you. No matter what you choose to do, it’s important to consider these potential costs before signing the adoption papers.

Possible Expenses

Cost Estimate

Professional Grooming $300 – $1000
Emergency Veterinary Services $200 – $1000+
Pet Sitting or Boarding $15 – $50+ per day

Remember, adopting a Poodle is a serious responsibility and you need to carefully consider whether this is something you can afford. Poodles don’t need fancy collars and beds, but they do need proper veterinary care and a balanced diet, so make sure you can afford the basics before committing to adoption. Some owners choose to keep a separate savings account just for their dogs in case of emergencies, so you may want to consider setting aside a small amount every month so you will have it should tragedy strike.