Nutrition Tips for Your Chiweenie

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Author Credit: Adriana Rodrigues

You might be already struggling to maintain a healthy diet for yourself—let alone your dog. However, it is extremely important that you are responsible for the way your Chiweenie eats.

The Importance of A Good Diet

To combine the dietary needs of the Dachshund and Chihuahua, the Chiweenie will need a unique nutritional combination.

Without talking to your vet, you should read about a few good foods that can help keep your Chiweenie healthy.

Good Foods for Chiweenies

Normally, smaller toy breeds will generally have a higher metabolism and will need ingredients that are deemed fit for that type of body.

Chiweenies stand
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Especially since the Chiweenie mix is generally at risk for joint and eye issues, as well as disc and cartilage problems, ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega acids are all healthy additives in foods that can help.

DHA is also a very important ingredient for healthy cognitive development.

In general, you shouldn’t be choosing food with fillers and low nutritional-value ingredients. Spend the extra few bucks for higher=quality dog food, which can help increase the well-being of your Chiweenie, as well as the life expectancy.

Invest in high-quality dog food so as to increase the life expectancy of your Chiweenie.

Whether you choose wet or dry dog food, it actually doesn’t matter. There are pros and cons to each. For example, wet food doesn’t stick to your pup’s teeth, which can lessen the chances of bad breath and plaque. It can also help with getting the food down.

If you’re going to be doing dry food, you should keep in mind your pup’s pint-sized mouths The dry food should definitely be rich in protein, wholesome grains, and healthy vegetables and fruits.

Homemade Foods and Our Top Recipes

If you have the time to spare, you can also make your own dog food, using human foods that are fit for dog consumption.

For some great ideas for dog food recipes, you should check out chopping up grilled or roasted lean meats—like pork, chicken, lamb, or beef. Just like you would do for you, make sure that the fat is drained or cut off.

To make the food, simply chop it up into small enough portions for your dog to chew on. You can also add some veggies like carrots, yams, and some carbs like wild or brown rice.

Which People Food is Harmful?

Chiweenies lying down
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However, likewise, you should always make sure that you are well aware that some food is actually toxic for dogs.

Although you might have already heard how poisonous chocolate is, there are also other foods that are dangerous for dog consumption. Your vet will most likely advise you that people food shouldn’t be regularly offered to your pup.

Not only is it bad for his system but also for his behavior—leading to begging, obesity, and illness.

However, certain foods can be dangerous to dogs, like bread dough, alcohol, milk, chocolate, onions, walnuts, macadamia nuts, coffee, gum, avocado, grapes, and spicy foods.

Which People Food is Acceptable?

So, what can you let your pup have from time to time?

There are some Chiweenie-friendly foods that you can pass along underneath the table like lean meat like beef, pork, chicken or fish, eggs, potatoes, oats, broccoli, and zucchini.

Weight Management

If your vet has alerted you about a possible obesity risk with your Chiweenie, you might want to start to take his advice.

Chiweenies standing
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Obese and overweight Chiweenies normally suffer from things like:

  • Added pressure on the joints and bones of your pup. All this pressure can also cause your pup to develop arthritis—even at a very early age.
  • Obesity can also increase your pup’s risk of type II diabetes, which will raise your dog’s need for insulin.
  • With the extra weight, your pup can be afflicted by back and spinal problems as well. This can lead to slipped discs, as well as fractures or torn ligaments.
  • Just like in humans, dogs can also be at risk for high blood pressure and hypertension, which can place a greater strain on most of the organs and tissue inside the body.
  • Also like humans, an overweight Chiweenie can also be at risk for heart disease.

As I mentioned earlier in the book, weight management (just like in humans) can be done through your Chiweenie’s activity levels as well.

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