Miniature Goldendoodles – Making Your House the Perfect Home for Your new Mini Goldendoodle puppy

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The Miniature Goldendoodle looks like a cuddly little ball of fluff that doesn’t shed like a Golden Retriever does. Because of their small size, they can fit into any environment comfortably, including small and studio apartments. They are also a fairly quiet dog, so you won’t have to worry about your Miniature Goldendoodle barking at all of the noises around you, which is great when you live in an apartment. They are loving, have moderate energy levels, and are incredibly friendly, which makes them an ideal family dog. Naturally, there are some environments where they fare better than others, but as long as you make time to walk and play with them, they should be all right even if there is no yard or fenced-in area available.

The Miniature Goldendoodle can be a pretty energetic dog, but you may also get a dog that is pretty mellow. Either way, your Miniature Goldendoodle will have ample energy to play and experience adventures together with you. Since this breed doesn’t usually get bigger than 30 pounds, it is easy to address their exercise needs. For an intelligent dog, they don’t tend to be destructive. Any bad habits they develop, like gnawing on furniture or stealing your clothes, you should be able train out of them fairly easily. Making sure that they get adequate exercise will also curb those unwanted behaviors.

Best Environment

There are many reasons why people have fallen in love with the Miniature Goldendoodle. They are affable, cuddly, intelligent, and fun to have around. Since this breed is usually easy to train, you have a lot of options for entertainment—they love to be the center of attention, and if you are laughing, they love that even more. Once they are trained, they are nearly a perfect dog, and can fit into almost any environment. However, there are some places that are better for them than others.

A Compact Canine for Any Home

The Miniature Goldendoodle is a wonderful companion, and given their small stature, they tend to do well in nearly any environment. Pretty much wherever you are, your dog is going to be there with you. If you are home, they are going to be like an adorable shadow that accompanies you into every room in the house, so you aren’t likely to get any time alone once your pup comes home with you.

Miniature goldendoodles laptop
Photo Courtesy – Janice Dockum

They are a great first dog because they tend to love everybody, making them perfect for a family with kids. Larger families are also great for this breed of dog because then they aren’t left alone very often. Be prepared for your Miniature Goldendoodle to be very clingy, and it will likely suffer from separation anxiety. If you can work from home or will have someone in your home most of the time, that will be the best option for your pup. If you have other dogs in your home, that will also be best for your little canine. However, if you tend to work long days and there are no other people or dogs at home, this is not the best environment for a Miniature Goldendoodle. The long hours alone can have a very negative effect on this dog breed.

Just because you have a Miniature Goldendoodle doesn’t mean that you can’t leave your dog alone occasionally. They can be by themselves (although if you have more than one dog, that is better for them) for a few hours at a time. If you have trained them, you won’t need to worry about them getting into much trouble most of the time. However, you may want to make sure that trashcans are inaccessible.

If you need a therapy dog, this is a nearly perfect breed. You will probably have your dog by your side almost all of the time. Because of their intelligence, they will be able to quickly adjust to your needs and will happily help you when you need it most. Since they are also very sociable, they will be great when the two of you are out in public, and they will keep their focus on you.

Even No Yard Is Fine—As Long As Your Miniature Goldendoodle Gets Moderate Exercise

Always remember that the Golden Retriever is a work dog. Even if the Poodle side is dominant, your dog is going to have a lot of energy and a desire to be doing more than just sitting around. Since it is a smaller dog, it won’t need to be as active as a Golden Retriever because its short legs mean that walking will use more energy to go the same distance as a Golden Retriever. As long as you ensure that your canine gets daily exercise, your canine should be fine. Typically, a solid 30 minutes of exercise should be good, especially when combined with some supplemental training and short walks. Daily play will be incredibly entertaining, and will make the exercise feel much less like work.

If you can’t walk for 30 minutes a day, you should have a yard or some place that you can go so that your dog can get the necessary exercise. You can hang out in the backyard throwing a ball or other toy and your dog will be perfectly happy running and retrieving it. This is a great exercise that you can easily work into your average day. A trained Miniature Goldendoodle means that you can find a lot of other amusing games to play that will tire your dog. You can also take your dog to a dog park to run out their energy and provide a large portion of the exercise they require for the day.

Fantastic, Intelligent Companion

Miniature goldendoodles bed
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The Miniature Goldendoodle is a breed that is a lot of fun to have around because they adore attention and fun. They aren’t known for being a vocal breed either, which can be very nice if you live in an apartment. If your dog barks, it is probable that there is a good reason for it. Since they aren’t large, they aren’t great guard dogs, even if they tend to want to protect you. However, they can let you know when there is potential danger nearby, and they will be more than willing to help protect you in any way they can.

Training is incredibly important because they need to be mentally stimulated. It is very easy to do though. These dogs enjoy being with people and can understand human emotions as well as another human (if not more than many humans). If you are having fun training, your dog will enjoy it too. It is also good physical exercise because they can be very agile. You will quickly realize that they are able to understand new commands remarkably fast—this makes training very rewarding to both of you. Spend some time looking through the kinds of tricks you want to teach your dog, and once they have the basics down, you will be able to move on to the more entertaining commands.

Floor Surfaces

Smooth surfaces can be challenging for these pups. While the breed is small, it does not mean that they have better traction, just that they are closer to the ground when they fall. If they get excited and start running around, they could get hurt on a floor with a smoother surface. Hardwood, tile, and vinyl can be tricky for any canine. Any amusement you find in watching your dog lose their footing is vastly outweighed by the potential danger and harm if they fall and get hurt or slam into the wall or furniture because they cannot stop.

Putting carpeting or adding non-skid throw rugs in these areas can make them safer for your Miniature Goldendoodle.

Nearly Perfect Family Pet

This designer dog is easily one of the most perfect dogs for a family. Their adoration for people, including kids, is pretty well known. Even if you adopt an older dog, as long as you introduce them to your family in a quiet environment they are likely to acclimate quickly to their new home. As a canine that loves to be surrounded by people, they love nearly everyone they meet. They tend to be patient with kids, although you will need to spend time preparing your young children and always monitor their interactions with your new family member. Once the kids learn how to interact with your new dog, this breed can be an ideal companion for any age person. You will want to make sure your children know to be careful with your dog because you don’t want the kids to accidentally hurt the dog.

Ideal Lifestyle

The most defining personality trait of the majority of Miniature Goldendoodles is how sociable and fun-loving they are, especially with their family members. It is incredibly easy to bond with this breed because they are happiest when you are spending time with them. It is likely they will want to sit with you on the furniture and in your bed. If you don’t want dogs on the bed, you are going to have to start training for that early and always be consistent—if you let your dog on the couch or bed once, it is going to be very difficult to teach them that it is not allowed.

You will need to ensure they get adequate exercise, and that they are not overeating. The right balance will help keep them healthy and happy.


Since the Miniature Goldendoodle is an extremely social breed, it is easy to feel like your canine understands you and your emotions. They are very attentive and affectionate, reacting to how you are feeling without you having to say anything, and they make it clear that you are an important part of their world. This desire to be with you and have fun is why this intelligent dog isn’t headstrong or difficult to train from the beginning. Positive reinforcement, especially praise and petting, is more than enough to encourage them to keep training. If you train your Miniature Goldendoodle, you aren’t likely to have much trouble with them.

Common Exercise Benefits

Miniature goldendoodles toy truck
Photo Courtesy – Denise Peek

When you aren’t playing with them, Miniature Goldendoodles are more than happy to just cuddle with you as you watch TV or work on your computer. It may take a while to tire them out since they have a good bit of energy, but because of their small size a brisk walk can help expend that energy. This makes them less than ideal as a jogging partner if they are on the smaller end of the breed size. If you are a slow jogger, you will still need to keep the distance you run a little shorter because your dog will likely be unable to keep up with you for longer jogs. Once you finish a jog, you can plop down and play with your dog as you relax. Activities like fetch and tug of war are more than enough to keep them happy while you rest.

If you want to increase your daily walking steps, your dog is a great addition to your family and routine. You and your spouse (or your entire family) can make the most of your new family member while going out on walks. The dog will love the time spent exploring while getting to know the family, and you will have an excuse to talk with those you love without overexerting yourself.

Pleasers—Plan to Train Them

Training is incredibly important for your Miniature Goldendoodle, and you will need to be consistent in your training. You won’t need to be firm or establish an alpha position because your dog is going to want to have fun with you and will be willing to do what you say as long as you give them attention. But if you aren’t consistent with your training and applying the rules, you will have trouble because your dog is going to learn when it can break the rules.

Training the Miniature Goldendoodle is relatively easy because they really love positive reinforcement. Given their small stature, this is a great piece of news because you don’t want to use treats as an incentive too often. Praise and playtime are some of the best ways of getting your dog to learn a wide range of tricks and behaviors. If you don’t train your dog, they may suffer from the same kinds of undesirable behaviors as other small dogs because you haven’t discouraged them from acting that way. Since they are so easy to train, it is well worth the time, and you will probably start seeing results a lot sooner than with other breeds, even some of the more intelligent dogs.

Remember that you shouldn’t be leaving them home alone for long periods of time because they may feel separation anxiety. Being quick learners will not diminish the anxiety. Having another dog as a constant companion can help minimize this, and your Miniature Goldendoodle may be a good influence on your other dog during training.


Miniature goldendoodles with kid
Photo Courtesy – Sonja Burns

In addition to being incredibly loving dogs, Miniature Goldendoodles are popular because they are considered hypoallergenic. However, this can vary based on the parents. Many of them shed very little and even people who suffer from allergies are likely to find that they can interact with their Miniature Goldendoodle without medication or constant sneezing. This designer dog’s coat is incredibly easy to maintain and that makes them a fantastic addition to any home. They won’t be covering your furniture and all of the corners of your home with dog hair either (something that Golden Retrievers are known for doing), which means that you are not going to see a significant rise in cleaning your home once your new family member arrives.

This doesn’t mean you are completely off the hook for cleaning and brushing though. You just aren’t going to need to spend time every single day keeping the shedding to a minimum the way you would with a Golden Retriever. Regular brushing is required to keep your Miniature Goldendoodle from getting matted hair, but you won’t have to worry about having as much dog hair around your home.

A Little Dog for Those Who Love Cuddling and Playing

Miniature goldendoodles running on leash
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The Miniature Goldendoodle is bred to be a loving, cuddly dog that can make anyone feel better. They want to spend all of their time with you, playing and sleeping. When you want to go outside, they are game for it. If it is raining and you just want to sit around, that is fine with them too. They are the perfect friend because what they really want is to be with you. That means whatever you want to do is perfectly fine with them.

Do be prepared for them to want to constantly be with you. Being alone is pretty much a thing of the past once a Miniature Goldendoodle is in your home, but with the right training, that can be perfect.

When you have company, they will be just as excited to welcome your company as you are. Typically, you won’t have to worry about them becoming aggressive with anyone (although you do need to make sure young children aren’t too rough with them). Any dogs already in your home will be just as exciting and enjoyable to your Miniature Goldendoodle as the people in your home. This is the kind of dog that is just full of love and attention, and really all they ask is that you be there with them. It is the reason that they are so popular and lovable.

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